• Captain Paul F. Foley, Jr., USN, commanded the USS BENNINGTON from 28 May 1955 until 31 May 1956.
  • Captain Robert E.C. Jones, USN, was Commanding Officer during the remainder of the period covered by this report.
  • Throughout 1956 BENNINGTON functioned under the administrative control of Commander Carrier Division FIVE, although operational control was at various times vested in Commander Carrier Division ONE.

1-3 January
Enroute to Manila, P.I. Conducted training in the South China Sea in company with USS KEARSARGE (CVA-33), DesDiv 132 and units of DesRon 11.

3-10 January
At Manila

10-13 January
Conducted ISE training in South China Sea.

13-21 January
Conducted Task Force Operations in East China Sea in company with USS HANCOCK (CVA-19) and units of DesRon 11 and DesRon 12.

21-24 January
Enroute to Manila

24 January
At Manila. Off-loaded damaged aircraft.

24 -25 January
Enroute to Subic Bay, P.I.

25 January - 8 February
At Subic Bay.

8 February
Depart Subic Bay.

9 - 11 February
Enroute to Okinawa operating area in company with the USS ORLECK (DD-886) and the USS PERKINS (DDR-877).

11-14 February
Conducted Type Training in accordance with CTF 77 Operation Order 201-T-56.

13 February
Collided with the USS PASSUMPSIC (AO-107) during refueling evolution.

14-17 February
Operated in Philippine Sea as TG 92.1 in accordance with CTG 92.1 (COMCARDIV ONE) Operation Order 1-56.

17-20 February
Enroute Yokosuka, Japan

20 February - 3 March
At Yokosuka. Backed into Dry-dock #5 Yokosuka Naval Shipyard Repair Facility for voyage repairs and to repair a "cracked" screw.

3-8 March
Enroute to Subic Bay, P.I.

8-10 March
In Subic Bay operating area conducting Task Group Operations in company with USS KEARSARGE (CVA-33) and units of DesDiv 11 and DesDiv 151.

10 March
Anchored at Subic Bay

10-12 March
Conducted ADEX-10 in company with USS YARNALL (DD-541) and USS KNAPP (DD-653) in accordance with CTF 77 letter serial number 077 of 29 February 1956.

12-14 March
Conducted Task Force Operations in the South China Sea.

14-20 March
Enroute to Kobe, Japan

20-24 March
At Kobe, Japan

24-26 March
Enroute Yokosuka

26 March - 6 April
At Yokosuka

6-9 April
Enroute Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

9-11 April
At Pearl Harbor

11-16 April
Enroute to San Diego, California

16- April - 22 May
At San Diego. Leave period commences.

22-25 May
Conducted refresher training in San Diego operating area in accordance with COMFLTTRAGRP Operation Orders 201-56 and 21-56.

25-28 May
At San Diego

28-29 May
Conducted refresher training

29-31 May
At San Diego. Captain Robert E.C. JONES, USN, relieved Captain Paul Foley, Jr., USN, as Commanding Officer.

31 May - 1 June
Continued refresher training

1-4 June
At San Diego

4-8 June
Conducted refresher training in San Diego operating area.

8-14 June
At San Diego

14 June
Enroute Long Beach

14-18 June
At Long Beach Naval Shipyard

18-21 June
Conducted Air Operations in San Diego operating area.

21 June - 9 July
At San Diego

9-13 July
At sea. Conducted day and night air operations.

13-23 July
At San Diego

23 July
Dependent's Day Cruise

23-27 July
Conducted air operations in San Diego operating area.

27 July - 6 August
At San Diego

6-8 August
Enroute to San Francisco

8-9 August
At San Francisco

9-10 August
Enroute San Diego

10-13 August
At San Diego

13-17 August
At sea. Conducted air operations

17-20 August
At San Diego

20-21 August
Enroute Long Beach

21-23 August
At Long Beach

23-24 August
Enroute San Diego. Conducted Carrier Qualifications.

24 August - 10 September
At San Diego. The Annual Ship's Party was held on the 4th & 5th of September.

10 September
Bulk Aviation Storeroom C-414-A was completely flooded by an open sprinkler system valve.

10-14 September
In the San Diego operating area. Participated in ADEX-10 in accordance with COCARDIV FIVE Operation Order 1-T-56.

14 September
At Long Beach for FIRST FLEET review to honor Mrs. U.S. NAVY.

14-15 September
Conducted day and night flight operations.

15-24 September
At San Diego

24-25 September
Conducted flight operations off San Diego.

25-28 September
At Long Beach for electronics installation and loading of explosives.

28 September
Enroute to San Diego

29 September - 12 October
At San Diego. Fitting out for overseas deployment. Embarked Air Task Group 181.

12-17 October
Enroute to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

17 October
At Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

18-19 October
At sea in the Hawaiian operating area preparing for Operational Readiness Inspection.

19-22 October
At Pearl Harbor

22-26 October
Continued operating in Hawaiian waters for ORI.

26-29 October
At Pearl Harbor

29 October - 3 November
Underwent ORI in accordance with COMFAIRHAWAII Operation Order 8-56.

3-5 November
At Pearl Harbor. Embarked COMCARDIV FIVE (RADM A.P. STORRS) and staff.

5-12 November
Enroute to Yokosuka, Japan

8 November
Crossed International Date Line

12-20 November
At Yokosuka, Japan

20-25 November
Enroute to Phillipine operating area with CTF 79 (COMCARDIV FIVE) embarked.

25 November - 2 December
Operated in the South China Sea as TG in company with USS ESSEX (CVA-9) and DesDiv 112.

2-7 December
Enroute to Yokosuka, Japan

7-8 December
At Yokosuka

8-12 December
Enroute to Subic Bay, P.I.

12-18 December
At Subic Bay. ATG-181 shore-based at Cubi Point.

19-22 December
Enroute to Hong Kong, B.C.C. Conducted limited flight operations and gunnery tracking and firing exercises.

22-29 December
At Hong Kong

29-31 December
Enroute to Yokosuka, Japan. Conducted Task Group exercises in company with USS ESSEX (CVA-9), USS TOLEDO (CA-133), DesDiv 232 and DesDiv 112.


This report was given to me by
Commander Anthony (Joe) Zorbach (BENNINGTON PLANKOWNER)
The clarity of the lettering was difficult to read,
so I retyped the entire piece (instead of scanning),
in order for all to see, read and to retain for historical purposes.

"Commander Zorbach, thank you for providing the data"

The information above has been provided
by Joseph Pires.
Former SK3 (1965-1969)


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