Wade Huling Story - USMC
From his wife

"I'm not sure I will do this right, but will give it a try.

Wade was in the Marine Corps, he was stationed on board the USS Bennington, as an honor guard, This was in 1954. Unfortunately he was burned badly from the fire. He was 6 months in Rhode Island, then moved the DC to the Naval Hospital for two years. I believe he was discharged in 1957. ( Medical).

We met in 1959 and married on May 23, 59. We have three daughters and three granddaughters. Our youngest is expecting next May. Wade worked at a Company called The Anderson's (grain). He was employed there about 35 years. the last 15 or so, as grain maintenance Mgr.. He retired on Jan 1, 1997 at age 62. Unfortunately we found out he has the Hep C Virus in June. That is the main reason he retired at 62. This Hep C has kept him down a lot the last five years. He has tried two of the treatments. They have him on Interferon right now as a maintenance Program. The VA in Ann Arbor is where he goes. So far the virus is still hanging on.

We have a little place on Lake Erie, a fishing camp. We are there most of the summer. We've been to Florida the last three years in the winter, but not sure about this year.

He also had a hip revision two weeks ago. Original hip done 13 year ago. That went real well. He is a real fighter. After what he went thru, on the Bennington, he thinks this type of surgery is a minor detail.

We snowmobiled for 20 years in the upper part of Michigan. We made it a family outing. We camped for 25 years with the family and had a lot of fun and a lot of good memories. When we got our place on the lake we gave up traveling around.

Wade likes Nascar racing, fishing, shelling on the Gulf, Football and traveling.

We manage to stay pretty busy. Our house sits on an acre of ground, so he has some mowing to do, he also has a shop in one end of the pole building. He putters in that.

He would like to take up golfing if he could stand to walk more.

Well, Bill, I can't think of anything else for now, hope this is what you were looking for.

We have been married for forty years now, and have raised a very nice family, we are quite proud of .

Wade fights on with all his problems, most of them caused from being burned so bad.

Hes a very fine person, and well liked by all who meet him. He is still a real Marine, and believes in serving his country and the military.

Thanks for listening, Mrs Wade Huling (Mary Lou)"

I forgot to tell you where we live.!!!

Our address is
19698 Poe Rd.
Weston , Ohio 43569.
We live in the country, its eight miles west of
Bowling Green, Ohio. or twenty miles south of Toledo, Ohio



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