Discharged July 1960, I went back to New York

I was stationed aboard the USS Bennington from Nov 1957 till July 1960.
I was supposed to be in the S-6 Div.(Aviation Electronics) but because they were full up,
I was put in the S-5 Div.(Aviation Ordinance).
Three months later, I transferred to the S-3 Div. They had Watch Standers liberty cards (yellow) and a pretty good deal going. I worked in the laundry and also ran a shipsí store.
I was on the 1958 cruise to the Orient.

I was discharged in July 1960 and went back to New York.
I was accepted to the San Diego Sheriffs Department in December 1960, so I made a beeline back to SD.

I met my first wife at the skating rink in SD. We were married in 1961 and had 2 daughters.
We were divorced in 1968.

I also started school at SD State in 1961, & received a BA Business in 1965.

I was medically discharged from the Sheriff's Dept. in Sept 1969 and later went to Seattle, WA.

I remarried in 1969 & had 3 daughters. (not all in the same year).

In 1975, I started Power Technology, a Manufacturers Rep business in the electrical field.
I worked with high and medium power equipment.
I received my Masters from U of W in 1978.

I sold the business in 1996 & planned to retire. However boredom sets in quite quick when you play games on the computer all day.
So I am currently in charge of Security for AT&T Wireless.

Iíve been married for almost 31 years now.
I joined the Army Reserves in 1973; was a medic for 11 years; became an Army NCO instructor; and retired in 96 as a First Sergeant (E-8) of a training unit.
I retired with a total of 26 years).

I turned 60 in 1999. My wife and I plan to return to the San Diego area to retire.
My wife is only 52 & the Admin. Assist. to the Dean of Medicine at the UofW, so it may be hard to pry her away for awhile.

My oldest daughter runs a video studio in San Diego. She does the commercials we love to watch on TV.
The next one is a Deputy with the San Diego Sheriffs Office.
The third is a housewife in San Diego,
the forth is a 2nd grade school Teacher in Ellensburg, WA &
the last one works at AT&T Wireless and is going to a Community College.

I hope to see some of the guys I was on the ship with in Nashville this year.

Terry Lynch
CVA 20
Washington State


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