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I was wondering if any of you out there, who were aboard BENNINGTON in August of 1960,
might recall the events of the Seattle Seafair and our participation in the events of the day?
Looking for photo's, documents, etc.

I know BENNINGTON was there in 1963 but I'm looking for information for year 1960.
Thanking you in advance...............


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From: Terryb

Hi Joe

Terry (Woody) Brentlinger, then AK3, VS38

Yes I was aboard, and USS Bennington, hosted the seafair in Seattle.
Do remember we stood flight deck parade entering from open waters.
Had several events and we had some over night liberty while there in port.

Seattle and Port Angels had events also.
One of our squadron shipmate's dad was chief of Police in port angeles.

Will see if I have any more info.

Will send to you, should I find more.
It was a fun port of call


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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:58:11 -0500
From: Charlie McMahon
To: Joseph Pires

Joe, did any of our shipmates mention that the "fleet" wrecked Port Angeles when we laid over because we were early arriving at Seattle.
As I remember it, liberty was granted to 25% of Bennington and the cans in company since we were coming off an exercise in the Pacific.
According to the Lady Mayor of Port Angeles, who arrived on board Bennington the next morning,
and was greeted by the Admiral and Captain, we wrecked her town and she wanted us out of her harbor forthwith.
As things progressed the evening before, all of the Coast Guard personnel assigned to Port Angeles
were confined to their base lest the invading blue water sailors do them harm.
Madam Mayor was not at all happy with that either.
As per her demands we weighed anchor and went further down the sound and anchored out again sans liberty.
All in all a fun time was had by all.

Charlie McMahon
Myrtle Beach

Seafair Arial Photo
Joseph Pires
2/13/2013 2:03 PM

Lonnie, you can use this email as well.........

On 2/12/2013 6:51 PM, Dave Roger wrote:
One very crazy and wild thing occurred on the way to Seattle and Seafair.
The Captain entered the Straits of Juan de Fuca a day early and somehow made arrangements to anchor at Port Angeles, Washington on the north coast.
A very small town with a population of less than 3K at the time.
It is still a small town.
A skeleton crew stayed aboard and the rest of us got liberty.
The whale boats were doing double duty getting the approximately 2K+ of us ashore.
This was not a scheduled port of call, so most of the people were unaware that we were on our way to invade there town.
The docks were crowded with people ( small town, small dock) welcoming us with open arms.
Soon they had a dozen or more of the private boats going to the ship and hauling sailors ashore.

The merchants ie. taverns and lounges were not ready for what was ahead of them.
A crew of men that had been at sea for a couple weeks, with a real yearning for some refreshments and female companionship ( I'm not sure but I believe we went ashore about noon ).
The tavern the FOX division crew , and I, ended up at , we tested a few before we settled in, was running out of beer about 9pm same with all the other alcohol dispensing establishments.
The owners and there friends were driving to the other small towns to get more kegs. And also food to feed us.
Liberty was up at midnight as we had to head for Seattle in the morning .
Then the Zoo began.
By now the town had had enough of so many people, some of which were not well mannered, and wanted there town back .
(I'm sure the merchants were all happy with all money they took in ) Some of the local girls that came out of the hills were molested and there were some arrests by the local police.
The shore patrol also had to take control of some (there were several Captains Mast's conducted) and restrictions to the ship during Seafair week, one of them was from my division, FOX, a friend named (purposely left blank).
Any way, they wanted us gone and there were about 30 or more private boats of all sizes hauling us back to the ship .
The rumor was that the BENNINGTON was not invited back.

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest.
Stanwood about 60 miles north of Seattle, got out of the service August 28, 1961 stayed in Southern Calif., college and work, till spring 1966, then back to Seattle.
Was in Port Angeles 67' and on for fishing trips to Neah Bay.
Anyway, in 67' they were still talking about the aircraft carrier that anchored in their little harbor and caused quite a sensation.
I am sure there are a lot of pictures somewhere in Port Angeles of the BIG "20" ... IT WAS ONE HELLUVA PARTY!
Getting off the ship August was another Viet Nam story.
My discharge date was then not till November 18.
Anyone discharged after September 1st '61 was extended for another year.
And off you went to the South China Sea.
I got accepted at a college and school started the 1st of September.


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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 19:42:13 -0500
From: Bob Hadley
To: Joseph Pires


I was aboard during the 1960 Sea Fair.
I was doing my temporary duty assignment in the crew's scullery at that time.
I am attaching some pictures taken during that visit. Sorry about the color.
These were 35 mm slides and the color distorted over the years.
The crew spelled out "Sea Fair" on the flight deck.
One of the pictures shows a 5" gun shooting a salvo while a fire boat was showing off.

I remember going into Puget Sound, that there was a heavy fog over the water.
I went up the superstructure and was able to look on over the top of the fog bank.
All you could see were the top of the masts of the destroyers following us into the sound.
They were filming an Elvis Pressley movie titled "World's Fair" at that time also as the World's Fair was taking place.

I don't have any articles about those days.
I remember we had the collision with the destroyer coming back from Seattle during refueling activities.

Bob Hadley
EM2 E-Division
USS Bennington CVS-20
March 1960- May 1963



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