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     Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:34:32 EST

My younger brother served on the "Bennie Boat" (his term) from 1959 until early 1963 in San Diego. I have heard sea tales every time we discussed military life and he sometimes regretted not staying in. I guess he thought I'd never understand since I was career air force.

The uncanny thing is that for the past 17 years (since AF Retirement) I've worked for the Navy at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington and have been to sea for short periods on the nuke boats several times so I have had a small taste of it.

My brother passed away a few years back and when I found this site wondered if you have a posting to accept data about past crew members. If so and you would like his data I will send it to you for posting.

Max E. Hoagland
Msgt, USAF Retired

Below is the data I have but since I live in Washington State and he lived in N. Carolina I'm not cognizant of all particulars.

Date entered Navy: 1959 ( N. Carolina)
Boot Camp: San Diego
Name: Glenn Edward Barnett
Born: 3/26/1942 (Sunbury, Pa.)
Death: 11/19/96 (Stanley, N. Carolina)
Rank at Discharge: E-4
Dates on board: 1959-1963 (this is approximate since I don't know exact dates. He only spent 4 years in the Navy so the dates are best guess on my part.)
Rate: This I don't know , all he ever told me was he was in the catapult Crew and wore a colored shirt but I don't remember what color.
A search of the westpac books for that era will probably give more info. He had one I remember but I don't know where it went upon his death.

I was at the shipyard when the "Bennie" was in storage there and still there when she was towed away several years back. It was my understanding from the newspaper stories she was towed from Bremerton to Port Angeles where the island was cut off, and then sealed up for the tow to India where it was to be beached for the scrappers. The story made it sound like it went there because domestic scrappers in this country had to deal with too many environmental rules and regulations in the disposal of things like asbestos, PCB's, etc and didn't feel they would be able to make a profit off the remnants after paying the disposal fees. At the time there were 4 Essex class boats in storage at Bremerton, Bennie, Hornet, Bon Hom Richard, and the other name escapes me but they are all gone now. The dead fleet carriers now consist of the following; Ranger CV-61; Midway CV-41; Independence CV-62. The 2 battleships, Missouri and New Jersey were here but they are both gone now. The Missouri went to Hawaii for a tourist sightseeing thing, and the New Jersey was towed back to ex Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for temporary storage and will eventually be given to the state of New Jersey for display.

If you need any further data on my brothers status during that period let me know and I'll try and scout it up for you.

I'll try and get a pix of him scanned and forward it if the family has one in his uniform.

Max E. Hoagland


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