OCTOBER 31, 1965

Hey Lonnie

Not a lot to add about the FOG story.
Sounds like it was after the 1965 cruse, anchored off Newport Beach.
I was the snip on the 40’ U boat crew.
I think the fog just fell out of the sky, we had just the 40’ & one 50’ away from the ship when that fog came in.
Both boats were full of very scared visitors.
I think one of the boats was going to the ship and the other one from the ship.
The fog came down so fast we couldn’t get back to the ship or to the dock and we were lost in the fog.
We were lost out there for at least an hour.
Both boats, the 40 and the 50 ran into the rocks in Newport Harbor.
We hit the rock, pushed off several times and just tried to stay away from the rock until the fog lifted.
The ship was sounding the fog horn but the fog was so thick we couldn’t tell where it was coming from.
There were no radios aboard the boats back then.
Probably have them now along with cell phones, GPS and all sorts of good stuff.

Bruce Forman

Charlie Betz wrote:

I remember (2) Open houses that we held in California.
One was in Newport Beach, that was the one with the big fog bank.
The other one was at Santa Monica.
I will never forget either of these open houses.
At Newport Beach After the fog lifted so they could start returning people to shore, as I recall it was quite late, several crew members were assigned to escort some of the unaccompanied kids to their homes.
It was one hectic night trying to make sure all those kids got home safe.
I believe that was one of the acts that helped Bennington to be Honored by Orange County.

Charlie Betz

Bob Holmes wrote:

Hi Lonnie,
I was on one of the boat crews ferrying people back and forth, I don't remember a film crew.

Bob Holmes 1964 to 1967


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