Name Of Group: Marine Detachment USS Bennington reunion 2007

Attendees: Grant Anderson; Gary & Linda Arney; Jack Boswell & friend April; George & Bernice Morelli; Berkley & Sharon Neff (CVS10); Charles Saltz & Wes Dickhout (Picture Taker); Drew & Katherine Tracy (CVS10); Bruce Younggren

11/07/2007: We came in from; Tennessee, California, Florida, Minnesota & Illinois. Some by car most by plane. We all met in the Hospitality Suite, where the talk never stopped and the beer was cold, old albums and pictures were brought out and old times were relived. Talked about the itinerary and decided not to go the MCRD PI this time. Dinner that night at the Hotel was something from the bowels of the Earth. Talked with management the next day about this and the group was given a free breakfast for the rest of our stay. This was Day 1

11/08/2007: Breakfast at Shoneys 6:00am to 8:00am 9:00am to 2:00pm USS Yorktown CVS10 at Patriots Pointe, Mt Pleasant, SC. We had a group picture taken, which we will get when we leave the dock. We were granted full access to the ship by the security officials. We went to the number 1 Gun Mount, Bruce Younggren & Gary Arney; and we played, he the Gun Captain and me the Ammo Handler. We went below to the Marine Quarters, and found our way around there, I slept here on the first cruise, and over here on the second. Went down Officers Country to SAS post, stood on that pad for many an hours, and down to the Brig, another post that I manned. I think this was the time we went and had chow in the mess hall and we noticed that Berkley Neff and Drew Tracy, my friends and fellow Marines that were stationed aboard the Yorktown were MIA; come to find out that the shipís historian had grabbed them and taken them into her office to sign them up as members. We all mustarded on the fan tail and caught our breaths. Back to Hotel. (Everyone crashed! Had a Great time.) 6:00pm to ?? Dinner at Sullivans Restaurant on Sullivans Island (Outstanding) This was Day 2

11/09/2007: FREE! Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant 6:00am to 8:00am Did not go to Parris Island MCRD. We all went to downtown Charleston on a Carriage Tour and than to the Market Place and Lunch 7:00 to ?? Dinner at Redís Ice House Restaurant (This too was Outstanding) 98 Church St Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 843-388-0003. This was Day 3

11/10/2007: FREE! Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant 6:00am to 8:00am Free time, everyone went there own way, some to Fort Sumter, some to Boone Hall Plantation, some went Basket Hunting on Hwy 17, and some went on bus tours of Charleston. So many things to do, so little time. Marine Corps Birthday (Dinner at Hotel at or about 7:00pm) Menu: Filet Mignon or Crab Stuffed Flounder With Small Tossed Salad, variety of dressings Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Veg Cake for the 232nd Birthday of the USMC Water, Sweet & Unsweet Tea, Sodas or Coffee

Speeches were made and gratitude was given. We had the Plank Owner Jack Boswell USMC 1943-1945 do the cutting of the cake. After dinner we all ended up at the bar as Marines do. This was Day 4

11/11/2007: Check Out time is 12:00 noon
I do believe that everyone had a wonderful time. The only thing I can add to this is:

Saepe Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinita
Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever

Any questions?

Semper Fi

Gary Arney



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