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We’re back, from a ten day trip that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.
So much happened, I don’t know where to begin.

2007 National Christmas Tree Tour

Should I begin with the story of the 7 mile trek into the woods to the “secret” location of the tree, or bringing it into the Town barn, so it could be prepared for the week long trip to Washington, or the all day long goodbyes starting at 10 AM and ending with a parade and dinner on Monday night.

Or maybe I should tell about all the children standing outside in the falling snow waving to us as we passed through their town.

Of course, I have to mention about the shopping malls we stopped at so people could see the antique truck caravan.

Naturally, I have to mention visiting the Veterans Homes and Hospitals, and giving them their own tree, in addition to many gifts and Christmas Cards.

I can’t forget to tell about what it is like to travel in a 15 truck and two bus caravan down the highway escorted by State Police all the way.

Or the confusion and chaos of 81 people checking into a different hotel every night.

Or all of the 5 am wake up calls to the sound of 17 vehicles running their diesel engines in the parking lot.

Of course I have to tell about the visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center when we were all separated and met with individual patients.

Then, of course, I have to tell about the big day, this past Monday when we finally arrived in Washington and delivered the Christmas Tree to the Capitol.

I have also tell about the meeting we had with Senator Leahy in his office and our plans and strategy for having a new ship named Bennington.

So much to tell, and I haven’t even unpacked yet.

In this section you will read about and see the pictures of our great trip to Washington,

"Bringing an Old Fashioned Christmas to the Nation"


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