Robert (Bob) Kuester ET-2 1958-1961

OE Div.

Here is an exerpt from a really old resume of mine that I was able to locate:

1958 to 1961 U. S. Navy Electronic Technician, El through E5P1 San Diego, CA. As electronic technician on board the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Bennington, CVS-20, I serviced and repaired AN/SPS-8, AN/SPS-29, AN/SPS-6C, AN/SPS-10C, AN/SPN-8, AN/SPN-l2 radars, AN/SSR-4 AEW terminals, AN/UPX-1A & -4 IFF/SIF, AN/DAS-4 LORAN, AN/SPA-4,8,9 & 33 radar repeaters, VL-1, VK-4 & 5 radar position indicators, AN/SSQ-14 pitch and roll stabilizer, AN/URW-3 TACAN, AN/SLR-3 ECM, various air to ground voice transmitters, receivers and transceiver equipment. During the final year, I was assigned as the electronics shop lead petty officer and supervised 6 lower grade level technicians. My duties involved scheduling of corrective and preventive maintenance, preparing status reports and training personnel. I believe that the SPS-10C replaced the SPS-6C for short range surveillance and possibly the SPN-12 replaced the SPN-8 for CCA approach speed determining.


Bob Kuester - NOW

Bob Kuester - Lompoc, California
July 2000

The baby in the picture is his granddaughter, Amanda

Now Lives In Lompoc, California

I've been meaning to ask you about the electronics when you were on the Bennington. From looking at the pictures, you didn't have an SPS-8 height finder radar during your tour. I was mainly involved with the radar equipment but dabbled in all the other stuff too. I was 2nd class petty officer during the last 6 months (1961) so I was very familiar with most of the equipment. I came aboard the Bennington when it was on a Wespac tour and then went on another one before leaving. I am retired now, worked for ITT for 35 years after leaving the Navy in July 1961. I live in Lompoc, Ca. near Vandenberg Air Force Base where I was an engineer on the missile tracking radar systems here. It was an interesting career but I'm glad to be out of it so I can relax and enjoy the grandkids, etc.


During my tour aboard (Oct.1964 - Dec.1966) we had the SPS-10c for short range surface search, the SPN-6 (Taller dish about half way up the mast) for short range air search, the SPS-43 (Big wide antenna just off the top and to the starboard side of the island) for long range bearing and range air search and the SPS-30 (Forward on the top of the island, tall dish with the long thing sticking out the front) for long range bearing, range and height air search. In November 1966 yard update, a SPN-35 was added to the rear of the island for approach control of aircraft. It had two dishes and gave elevation and azimuth information of landing approach aircraft. It was put under an environment control dome in 1967.

Lonnie Whittaker
ETR-3 OE Div